Funding and Support

Following are the Projects Completed and Running since 2013-till date

         Research Projects Completed

  1. University Grant Commission (UGC) start-up grant (PI)
  2. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Extramural Grant (PI)
  3. INUP-IIT Bombay for 1 year(Co-PI)
  4. SERB-NPDF (Mentor)
  5. NCPRE-IITB–Bombay (Co-PI).
  6. DST-Nano mission(Co-PI).

         Research Projects Ongoing

      7. CEFIPRA INDO FRANCH GOI(Co-PI)                                                                      8. SERB-CRG(PI)                                                                                                            9. DST-TEC Project for Dr. Harisingh Gour                                                                    Technology Enabling (PC)                                                 10. Nanotech Hackathon-IIT Bombay (PI)                                                                 11. INUP-IIT Bombay(Co-PI) 

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